What sex does to our brain

What sex does to our brain

The pleasure that we get from sex is the same kind of “high” that we get when we listen to great music, gain a monetary reward such as winning in the sweepstakes, and, surprisingly, during a heroin rush. Sex has been compared to a drug, as we get a certain kind of “high.”


Positive effects

Research studies show that sex can positively affect the brain. Sex dating activity is good for both the body and the mind. Aside from the pleasure it provides, the activity itself is good for overall health. A person can gain health benefits that include lowering the stress levels.

Immediate effects

Having sex with someone isn’t going to make feelings happen. Sexual encounters are enjoyable and do bring about mental health benefits, too.  There are immediate effects and those for the long-term.

Chemical reaction

When we have sex, there are chemical reactions that happen in the brain. It creates a hormonal activity that spreads throughout our body.  That chemical reaction will ultimately make us feel euphoric, energetic, and giddy. There is another hormone known as oxytocin that gets released while having sex. It makes us feel good because of the bonding. Oxytocin is also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ as it is released during other instances also, such as when a woman is breastfeeding.

Get rid of stress

When we feel stressed, it is a good idea to have sex. That is because due to our hectic lifestyle, we need a release. Making out is a great stress-reliever. Studies show that the penetration part of intercourse can aid in lowering blood pressure levels and stress levels.

Cuddle hormone

Since sex releases the cuddle hormone, which is oxytocin, it aids in regulating the cortisol levels of the stress hormone, making a person feel calmer. Since the cerebral blood flow will increase, our brain gets to reduce anxiety.

Light up the brain

When a woman has sex, her brain activity is heightened during those orgasmic moments. The activeness is lower during the arousal stage and after having climaxed. This activity “lights’ up the brain as the sensations are at its peak.

In sync

The way sex affects the body is in sync with the brain activity and the release of the feel-good hormones to the central nervous system. Sexual activity typically leads to positive mood changes, a faster metabolism rate, and the lowering of the perception of pain. The very act of stimulation can increase network activity in the brain that is related to pain receptors.

Better memory

There are research studies that show that older men who are sexually active do have a better cognitive function than those who do not have sex often. These sexually active men hardly suffer from cognitive impairments such as memory loss.

The benefits

It is good to know that when we go sex dating, the pleasure that we get will bring about both physical and mental health benefits. The activity itself will bring about the “lights” in our brain that we call “fireworks.” Our body will have high levels of hormones that’ll make us feel so good.